Our History

Our History

Our family’s orchards date back to Queen Bona Sforza’s rule in the 16th century, the golden age of Poland’s Renaissance. A member of the powerful Sforza family from Milan, Queen Bona was used to a Mediterranean diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables from the Italian countryside. When she married King Sigismund I the Old of Poland, adapting to the very different regional diet proved a challenge and she missed the flavors of her native home. Well-educated and politically savvy, she would not let her new circumstances discourage her. To recreate a sense of home, Queen Bona soon had novelty vegetables like celery, carrots, and leeks brought over from Italy. Most importantly, to establish her own Polish roots, she began planting apple orchards all around the Mazovian region, near modern-day Warsaw.

Legend has it that the Queen – fully invested in her orchards and her duty to set a good example for her people – presided over every harvest and hand-picked the first fruit, hence royal fruit. She continued to personally tend to her apples throughout her reign, including them at her table for all of her royal guests. Soon enough, kings and queens across Europe had Queen’s Bona’s royal apples gracing their tables too.

Family Business

Throughout the years, we, the Sowinski family, have maintained these same orchards, honing our craft for over four generations. Carrying on the tradition of royal fruit, and in our case royal apples, we founded Royal Apple’s parent company ACTIV in 1996. Based out of the town of Belsk Duzy, our orchards are part of Europe’s largest fruit orchard which supplies 40% of Polish apples.

From Our backyard to yours

In 2011, we launched Royal Apple, producing all natural fruit juices in our new state-of-the-art facilities. Now enjoyed in many Polish households and European countries, every juice we make is made with you and our planet in mind.

We care about sustainability and the soil our fruits grow in. Fully compliant with all Polish CSR guidelines, we continue to ensure that our impact is a sustainable one, while still producing the most nutritious and best-tasting fruits and juices.

Our mission is to keep this tradition going while paying homage to our cultural heritage – and now we’re ready to share it with all of you.

In February of 2020, we officially opened our doors in the United States with some of our best-sellers, with more products on the way.