Frequently Asked Questions

Is there free shipping?
Yes. There is free shipping on all our products.

How should I store my juice?
If unopened, store in a cool dry place. Once opened, please keep refrigerated. The 330ml bottles should be consumed 24 hours after opening. The 3l carton boxes, stay fresh 30 days after opening.

How long can my juices last?
Juices have a 12 months shelf life! 3l carton boxes, once opened, stay fresh for 30 days. 330 ml bottles, once opened, consume within 24 hours.

Can I drink Royal Apple products if I am lactose intolerant or have a gluten allergy?
Yes! There is no gluten or lactose in all Royal Apple juices. Royal Apple juices have NO artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives and 100% vegetarian.

Is it Kosher?
All our juices are certified Kosher.